Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back from Texas

So our week in Dallas is already finished. It's amazing to me how fast something goes by when you've been looking forward to it. Ethan was incredible on the plane, he either slept, ate, or was just happy. I don't know if Heavenly Father gave him to me as my son because I couldn't handle a harder baby, but I'm grateful. We stayed at Sarah and Gary's house, which is incredibly nice. We spent the week hanging out, shopping, watching movies, and just being together as a family. It's so rare that we get to do that now, that it was just really nice. Aiden was excited to help out with Ethan, and was incredibly cute with him. We took Ethan swimming for the first time on Thursday, and though he was a little apprehensive, I think he enjoyed it. Posted is a picture of Ethan and Aiden in their matching swimsuits. We came home Friday, and now we're having Collin stay with us for a couple of days. Ian's having surgery and my parents will be at the hospital with him for the most part. So Dallas was a nice getaway for everyone before poor little Ian has to have yet another surgery.