Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Zoolander!

This is a picture of Ethan making his surprised face, we call it his magnum! He's our little Zoolanders! Today I turned in my final paper for Spring semester, so I'm officially done! Of course, I start back up again on May 12th, but at least I get a small break! Now I can finally spend more time with my Ethan and PT! Ethan has started nodding his head yes whenever he's asked a question. It doesn't really matter what you ask, he's such an agreeable child! Last week we celebrated Joel's 30th birthday, with a surprise party! Ethan had fun chasing balloons around (they're still his favorite thing ever), and playing with Andy! He's getting to the stage where he's starting to realize that other kids are fun to play with. We also went to Justin Steed's first birthday party and Ethan loved it! There were so many kids that he could play with and they had a huge back yard. When we took him inside, he kept on trying to sneak back out! He is definitely an outdoor boy, and is as happy as can be as long as we're outside. The only thing he loves more that being outside is vacuum cleaners and brooms. He will stand outside of the closet and cry until we get the vacuum out! Hopefully this love for cleaning supplied will last as he gets older!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I just wanted to write quick, because it's been a bit since I've posted. Things are still going great with us! PJ's doing well at his job, I'm finishing up my second semester of grad school, and Ethan is as cute as ever! He's so smart and we're constantly amazed at how much he can do! When that kid wants something, he figures out a way to get it (like father, like son). He loves people, and never hesitates to show off riding his four wheeler or giving high fives when people are around! His first word is 'Wow" and he'll say it whenever he sees something he thinks is cool (like balloons). Overall, he is just the sweetest, smartest, funnest kid ever. He gives kisses when asked (or when he wants something), and is just so sweet to his mommy! We hope everyone is doing well. Sorry our life is not more exciting, but we're happy!