Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congratulations PJ!

PJ doesn't let me take pictures of him very easily, so I had to sneak this one, but here is our official pilot!!!

This is a picture from PJ's school's website, that shows the kind of plane PJ has been flying since February!!!

A few weeks ago, PJ took and passed his flight test that qualifies him to have a private pilot's license!!! This means if anyone wants to take a flight somewhere, PJ can take you! He has now moved on to his instrument training, so that he can fly in clouds and storms, then to his commercial, and finishing with his flight instructor! We are all very proud of him and think it is really cool that he can fly planes! Ethan, who has a true obsession with airplanes and waves at every single one that flies by, is especially excited! PJ is a great husband and daddy and we love him and are so proud of him!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update on Ethan's boo boo!

Ethan's lip still looks like it was hurt, but looks so much better than it did two weeks ago!

Getting thrown around by PJ! Obviously he feels much better!

Baby Jack just out of the tub!

Our bright eyed boy!

I just wanted to post a few pictures to show that Ethan has almost made a full recovery from his tragic day at Cherry Hill! Of course, it will be quite awhile before that tooth grows back in, but it could be worse. We took him to the doctor on Friday, and he said his lip is healing beautifully and we should not be able to even tell it happened in a couple of months! Ethan has become very proud of his boo boo and will show it to anyone who asks! Also, I thought I'd post a few more pictures of Jack because he is getting bigger and looking cuter everyday! He's still just an amazing baby!