Sunday, June 28, 2009

Less than a month to go!!!

At my last doctors appointment, she informed me that she would be inducing me on July 27th if Jack has not come any earlier! This is very exciting news and I am so ready to meet the newest member of my family (not really though, as I'm still trying to get all of his stuff together and organized, but I will for sure be by the 27th)! Yesterday Sarah and my mom threw my an amazing baby shower and I got so much cute new stuff for Jack! It was very nice of them and I really appreciate everyone who came! I know people are busy, so it was really nice of them to take the time to come! I have already been given so much support for Ethan, and I know Jack will also be so loved! It makes me even more excited to bring him into the world, knowing he will have such great examples and a support system around him! We are a very lucky family! I will post a picture of me with my giant belly soon, but I wanted to post this so because I'm so excited that I'm in my last month!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

7 Month Vacation!

I know it sounds like I went on a seven month long vacation based on the title of this blog, but really we went on a little family vacation now that I am seven months pregnant! We figured we wouldn't have much time to go on a vacation this summer with Jack's imminent arrival, so we decided to head up to my grandma's cabin in Wyoming for a week! It is such an amazing place and so relaxing! There are four-wheelers and things like that to ride. Of course I couldn't ride them, but Ethan had a blast going out with his daddy and the other boys. It rained a little bit there, and was a little chilly, but mostly it was really nice to escape the heat and be outside! Everyone in my family except my dad, Sarah, Gary, and Aiden went, and PJ's friend Zach came up too! It was so fun just hanging out! It's hard to explain the cabin to someone who's never been there, but it is one of my favorite places in the world and I think anyone who has ever been there feels the same way!
We came home Friday in time to go see Joel McHale at A-brave-anal Hall! He was hilarious and my crush on him has only grown! Yesterday we were blessed to be able to go and watch as Kevin and Michelle Lacy got sealed in the temple! It is always so wonderful to be in the temple, but it was even better watching our friends get sealed to each other for eternity! They are such great people, and we felt honored to be invited to be a part of such a special day for them! Tomorrow it's back to normal life again, which means PJ will be at school and work this week, boo! But I so appreciate the nice break this past week was, now I am one week closer to having this baby, and being at the cabin made the week go by so much faster! Thanks to my awesome grandma for letting us go, and to my family and Zach for coming with!