Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disneyland 2010!!!

Ethan's 3rd Birthday is not until Feb. 25th, but we celebrated a little early this year by taking him to Disneyland! We left on Sunday and arrived home Friday, and had one of the funnest weeks ever! Ethan loved all of it, Jack was amazing and just happy throughout the week, and us grown ups even had a lot of fun! Here we are meeting Ethan's favorite characters Mater and Lightening McQueen! Get ready for a whole lot of pictures from the happiest place on earth!

Jack was a little too small to go on Dumbo, but that doesn't mean he had to just sit idly by without experiencing a Dumbo for himself!

Ethan and Grandma riding Dumbo, thanks to my mom for coming along to help with the boys!

Riding the Storybook ride!

Jack just being incredibly cute!

Brothers in their matching outfits their mom makes them wear :)

Jack wearing his 1st pair of Mickey Ears!

Riding the Little Mermaid carousel!

At the Rain Forest Cafe...Jack was all tired out from a fun day at California Adventures!

Ethan and his mommy!

They sang Happy Birthday to him at dinner that night!


Ethan was a little shy with Jessie, but warmed up to characters after that (at least the ones that wear masks, he was still really shy when he met Snow White)

Just sitting around with Mr. Incredible!

Jack liked him too!



Donald, who Ethan calls McDonald!!!


Ethan loved the Pixar parade! He pretty much has only ever watched pixar movies, so he really loves these characters. He was truly star struck by Buzz and Woody! He waved and yelled to the characters as they passed and was more excited than I've ever seen him before!

Playing around on the "O" that's part of California!

My friend Niki lives in California, and another friend Britney just happened to also be at Disneyland with her son! We were lucky enough to get together for dinner on Wednesday night!

Ethan loved playing with Niki's cute boys, Brock and Daxton! Here they all are with their cool balloon helmets, belts, and swords!

Ethan getting ready to go on Toy Story Mania! This was one of this favorite rides (along with the Buzz Lightyear one, after we went on that he would tell everyone that he helped Buzz shoot Zurg)!

Meeting Woody!


Decorating birthday cakes! Ethan would take little sample of the frosting as he decorated!

Ethan's finished cake, it was a true masterpiece!

Mickey and Minnie came to his party!

Our tongues turned blue from the frosting!

We saw Goofy at Toon Town!

Hanging out on the trolley!


A friend of ours plays Minnie Mouse, so we and saw her Thursday night. She took Ethan on a special walk, away fro the other children! He got VIP treatment, and Minnie even told him she loved him. Ethan had been telling us all week about how the characters don't talk, they just wave, but after this he immediately told me, "Mommy, Minnie talked to me!" I said, "Really, what did she say?" And he replied, "She said she love me!" It was so cute and he has totally been in love with Minnie since!

Eating dinner with Pluto at Goofy's Kitchen!

Ethan got to meet Chip, Dale, Goofy, and Snow White!

We had such a fun week! There is no greater joy than seeing your child excited and truly happy about something! Taking our kids to Disneyland reminded both PJ and me of the magic we felt there when we were kids! Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip possible, especially PJ's grandparents, and my mom! We already really miss Disneyland, but have a lot of memories to look back on!