Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ethan and Jack carving pumpkins!

Jack really wanted to help!

The finished product!

Ethan was very proud of his pumpkin!

Baby Noah with his pumpkin!

Aiden, Ethan, and Jack as Harry Potter, Yoshi, and Mario!

Our family were all characters from Super Mario brothers.

Getting ready to go trick-or-treating!

Mario riding Yoshi!

Baby Noah as a shark.

Friday, November 5, 2010

More proof that my parents and grandma are awesome!

My Grandma and mom and dad were Utah State's Alumni of the Year for 2010! Two weeks ago we spent the weekend up in Logan celebrating them during USU's Homecoming! We went up Friday night to a dinner at Hamiltons (a fancy restaurant up in Logan). Then we all stayed at the University Inn, so that we could get to a breakfast honoring the award recipients early the next morning! Then buses took my parents and us down to the parade, so that we could watch them in the Homecoming parade!

This is us waiting along the parade route!

Ethan and Aiden got lots of candy during the parade!

My parents and grandma in the parade!

After the parade, we had the game! It was very rainy, but it was okay because we got to be up in a suite! My parents went out on the field during half time and it was fun to cheer for them down on the field! USU lost big time, which was kind of sad, but it was still a fun weekend and we are still Aggies through and through!