Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Zoo!!!

Ethan really wanted to go to the zoo for his birthday, but it was still pretty cold and he was a little sick, so we didn't go then. To make up for it we went yesterday! The weather was really nice, and it was really great to spend a whole day outside! We took Sarah and Aiden with us, and had so much fun! We rode the train, the carousel, and saw a lot of animals! Ethan loved the elephants and giraffes and told his daddy about both when we got home! Today he has been saying "more zoo," so we'll have to take him s few more times as it warms up! The boys each got to pick a treat when we left and they both picked cotton candy, though Ethan wanted nothing to do with it once he opened it and felt it. I think it weirded him out a bit. All in all, it really was a great day and we were all really worn out by the time we left!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a...

It's a boy! Today we went to the doctor and found out that we're having a boy! I am very excited for Ethan to have a little brother to run around with! Also, the doctor said he looks very healthy and that everything is forming and growing like it should! So we are very excited to have a healthy little boy join our family in July! Ethan came to the ultrasound with us and he didn't like it too much. He immediately recognized that we were at a doctors office and I think he thought he was going to get a shot. Then when he saw they were doing stuff to me, he got stressed out because I think he thought they were going to hurt me. Still, we are trying to keep him as involved as possible, so that maybe he can gain some kind of understanding over what's going to happen. I also am posting a picture of me twenty weeks pregnant! This means that I am half way there!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happiness Tag!

My friend Carrie did this and I thought that it was always good to think of things that make me happy, so I'm doing it! You're supposed to write out six thing that make you happy, and I tag everyone who reads this!

1. Ethan, everything about him makes me happy. He is so loving to me and he always wants me around. I also just love watching him play. It's a feeling I can't even explain, but just watching him drive cars around, build a tower with blocks, or look through a book brings me more happiness then I could ever describe. It is just pure joy and something I'm sure every parent out there can relate to!
2. Talking to PJ. He is so funny and easy going that he can very easily put me in a good mood. Even though it makes me exhausted the following day, I love when PJ and I stay up late to talk. He understands me and knows me like no other person, it makes talking to him so easy! I know he's personable with everyone, because people like him right away, but I love that I get to have so much alone time with him, just hanging out and doing nothing
3. Harry Potter! I know it's so dorky, but I can read those books over and over and never be bored. I love them so much I wish I was a witch and could go to Hogwarts! The movies are fine, but the books are the best books ever! I am an avid reader and have had to read a lot of books for my bachelors and masters, and while there are many great ones, none bring me the same pleasure that Harry Potter does (especially the fourth book)! It's the best escapism there is!
4. Music, at least the right kind of music! I don't think there is anything that can affect my mood like music can. I love the way songs can trigger old memories and feelings, and the way they can add new meaning to situations. I am constantly amazed that there are people out there talented enough to write music, play instruments, etc. It is a talent I wish I had (I can play the piano, but not well). The Beatles always stand out as my favorite, but there are so many amazing songs out there! I just don't really like songs where people are screaming or Katy Perry!
5. Holidays! Though Christmas is my favorite, I love all holidays! I love decorating my house to fit whatever holiday is approaching. I get really into all holidays because I think it makes life more fun! I always send out Valentines, make green food for St. Patrick Day, have a BBQ on the 4th, carve pumpkins for Halloween (and dress up of course), etc. I hate it when people act too cool to get into holidays and I never will! I also love it even more now that I am a mom and can make them fun and special for Ethan!
6. Working out! I am an exercise freak, as anyone who knows me can verify! I work out at least an hour a day, six days a week, no exceptions! It makes me feel like I've accomplished something, and like my body is strong! Even on days when I'm not feeling very motivated, I always feel so good after I've finished! I worked out on my wedding day, through my whole honeymoon, up until the day I went into labor with Ethan, and I started up again (though very mildly) two weeks after he was born. I only take Sundays off because it's the Sabbath, but I still sometimes like to go on walks if the weathers nice!