Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Right now I am taking a break from making rolls for today's Thanksgiving dinner and I wanted to write and just say how Thankful I am for everything in my life! With the stress of school and life in general I sometimes don't appreciate everything the way I should. There are some days when I feel completely overwhelmed with homework, but then I think how lucky I am to have an opportunity to further my education, where so many people in the world don't. And I have a wonderfully supportive family that does their best to support me through it! I am so thankful for the people I have in my life! I have the best family and friends in the world! If there is something I need there are always people there to help me! They are also great examples to me of kindness, charity, unselfishness, and just friendship in generally. I learn so much from my friends and family and I don't know where I'd be without them! Going slong with that, I am especially grateful for my little family! I love everything about both PJ and Ethan, and I love so much that I get to be in their lives! I'm so grateful for a kind, generous, supportive, righteous, fun husband, who takes care of me! And I don't think words could express how I feel about my little Ethan! He has been the joy of my life! If I'm ever sad, he hugs me and says "love you." He is just the funniest, sweetest, brightest kid I could ever imagine! On top of all of this, I'm blessed to be a member of the one true church, that allows me to live forever with my family! I'm so grateful for the guidance of President Monson and other leaders, for temples, and for repentance! Whenever I have followed the spirit, I have never felt lost or unsure, and it's a wonderful comfort to know it is always there if I need it! I could keep going listing all of my many blessings (my house, our car, and other worldy things), but I will end here! Thank you to everybody who has been a friend to me and my family! I'm lucky to have all of you in my life!

Friday, November 21, 2008

PJ's 25th Birthday!!!!

My PJ finally turned 25 last Saturday! It's a big birthday and I wanted to do something special for it, so I planned a surprise trip to Park City, with a surprise party! It took a ton of planning to get everything figured out, so PJ wouldn't find out. Luckily, I had a lot of help from my sister and his friends. Friday night, we went and saw the new James Bond. PJ really wanted to see that, snd knew about that part. What he didn't know was that we were going up to Park City together right after the movie, and we were leaving Ethan with my parents for the night (for anyone who really knows me, you know how hard that was for me, I've neer spent a night away from him before)! PJ was shocked because he did not think I'd ever leave him! On the way up though, we hit a little snag, actually it was a coyote! We were driving in the canyon, on the lane right next to the median, and a coyote jumped over the median and pretty much right into our car! Luckily we were safe. The coyote died, and we called the cops to come record the damage on our car for our insurance (it ended up being around $2,000)!
After that adventure, we finally got up to Park City and I did okay with Ethan not being there. My mom saud he asked, "Moomy back?" and when she said I was coming back, he was fine sleeping there. I felt much better knowing he handled it so well! The next day we hung out until Sarahm Gary, and Aiden brought Ethan up. Then we all went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays! Whike we were there, PJ friends came to the condo and help set up everything for the party I had hidden in the guest room! We came back and everyone suprised PJ! It was fun, and I know PJ was not expecting it! Joel brought up Rock Band and Scene It, so we spent a lot of the night playing those. It was really fun and I was so grateful to everyone for driving up there, helping set things up, and bringing stuff of their own!
We left Park City the next day in time to drive to PJ's other birthday party that was thrown by my parents (though he knew about that one), so PJ got to have a birthday weekend extravaganza! It really was a fun weekend for me as well, but I'm also glad it's over so I don't have to plan it anymore! PJ is a great husband and dad, who is incredibly unselfish, and makes life more fun, so I'm glad he had a nice birthday! We love him very much and feel very lucky that he is in our lives!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How We Met Tag!

Just like my cousin Lara, I think these thing are really fun! So I hope whoever reads this will do one of their own!

1. Where did you meet? We met up in Logan, at my sorority house. PJ had a billiards class with some of my sorority sisters, and they brought him over! He figured that in a house with 24 girls, he had good odds (and I guess he was right)! His car was parked in the drive way, so I couldn't pull in, and I made him move his car, and then park mine for me! I also remember that it was Big/Little night, so I was dressed in a fairy costume!

2. What was the first thought that came to your head when you met? I don't remember honestly! I thought he was cute, and he was fun to hang out with that night, but beyond that I didn't think much.

3. Do you remember what he/she was wearing? Well, we have a picture of it, so I know he was wearing a red polo shirt with yellow stripes. I have no idea if I would know that if we didn't have it documented.

4. Where was the first time you kissed this person? Right outside the Alpha Chi Omega house, after our first date. It was just a peck, because PJ was nervous to kiss me at all. He didn't want to go too fast and make me think he just wanted action! So sweet!

5. Where did you go on your first date? We went to Ruby Tuesdays and then to his apartment to watch Romeo and Juliet. It wasn't too exciting, because we left late, and I don't eat after 8 pm, so I just hung out at dinner. What made it awesome was how easily we got along! I felt so comfortable with PJ right from the start, like I could tell him anything!

6. When were you officially a couple? I'm not really sure. We always say December of 2003, cause that's when we started dating and we were pretty much together from that point, but I know when I went to BYU Hawaii we left it open. I went on a couple dates there, before I realized that I had no interest in anyone but him! I know he didn't date anybody else at all after we started to, so December is probably pretty accurate.

7. How did he/she ask you out? He asked me out three times and I couldn't go, so right before the end of the semester I called him up and said we should hang out. He planned the date, but I called, so I guess we just kind of asked each other out!

8. Has this person ever proposed to you? Yes he did, and it was amazing! The night before he had arranged for my friend Adrian to take me to dinner, so he could go ask my dad for permission! I had no idea that he had done that, so I was totally not expecting anything! We went on a drive up in this rich neighborhood in Logan. After a minute, PJ pulled over at this grassy area, with a bench, that looked out over the valley, with a perfect view of the temple. We sat on the bench for a little bit, and then I started to get cold (it was April, but still cold in Logan). He went to his truck to get a blanket for me, and while he was there he turned on our song. He brought back flowers with the blanket. Then he asked me to dance and we did for a second. When I was still shivering, he wrapped me in the blanket, and set me down on the bench. He then got on his knee and asked me to marry him. It was so sweet! It was the perfect way, and I will remember it for the rest of my life!

9. Do you and this person have kids together? Yes!!! We have a beautiful little boy together named Ethan! Ethan is the cutest, smartest, funnest kid I could have hoped for and I love him more than I could ever describe!

10. Have you ever broken the law with this person? No, except maybe speeding. Though we did hit a coyote this weekend, but it was an accident.

11. When was the first time you realized you liked this person? I knew I liked him the first night I met him, he was very easy to get along with. I worried that after denying him three dates, he might have built me up in his head and we wouldn't mesh well. But I guess I can go back to that first date, where we were like instant best friends! It wasn't long after that that I knew I loved him (though I don't think I could pinpoint the exact second).

12. Do you get along with his family? Yes I do! His siblings are much younger than us, which is kind of fun! I get to feel like a big sister! We live an hour and a half away from them, so we don't get to see them that much, but they are great people who have totally welcomed me into the family from the start!

13. Do you trust this person? I completely trust PJ, I would not have married him if I didn't!

14. Do you see him/her as your partner in your future? Sure do, that's why we got married in the temple! We couldn't imagine a future without each other!

15. What is the best thing he/she gave you? Well, he gave me himself, and a child so I would say that's two pretty amazing things! He also gives me support and his belief in me allows me to try things I never would without him. If I had never met PJ, I know I would not be working on a masters degree right now! As far as physical things,I really love both my engagement and my wedding rings, my elliptical, a flight in a small airplane, and tickets to things like Joel McHale and Jack Johnson! PJ's very good at giving presents that get us out doing things, and I love that!

16. What is one thing he/she does that gets on your nerves? When PJ's looking for an item of clothing, he will pull everything out of his drawers or laundry basket, and forgets to put them back (though he is working on it and getting better). That drives me crazy!

17. Where do you see each other fifteen years from now? Who knows! We don't have a fifteen year plan. As long as we're together as a family, we'll go where life takes us!

18. What causes the most arguments? Usually mis-communications. I say something, and PJ thinks I mean something else or vice-versa. It's weird how boys and girls communicate in completely different ways! Sometimes I just want to vent to him, and then he wants to fix it, and that frustrates me because I'm not asking him to fix it for me, and it goes from there. Stupid things, I know.

19. How long have you been together? Almost five years, and married for four!

20. Are you married? Sure are, December 16, 2004!

I tag...everyone who reads this!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rocking Out!

I just wanted to post a few pictures of all the boys playing rock band at my parents house! Jake and Joel love the game and were playing it, when Aiden and Ethan saw and didn't want to be left out of the fun! So Aiden sang, while Ethan played guitar! Of course, their instruments were not plugged in, but they didn't know and were having a great time! It was so cute watching how much fun Ethan was having! After he got bored, Aiden wanted a turn at the guitar, so they switched! I had to run upstairs to get my camera, but I'm so glad I did because I love these pictures!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008!

Ethan's second Halloween was so much fun! He was actually old enough to understand it a little bit, at least that he gets candy which was enough for him! Thursday night we carved pumpkins with Sarah, Gary, and Aiden. Aiden, who doesn't like to get his hands dirty, had a hard time taking out all the pumpkin seeds and goo from his pumpkin. In fact, it made him throw up when he tried. Besides that minor set back, it was really fun! Ethan didn't mind getting his hands all goopy, so he just kept on reaching into the pumpkin with his little spoon and pulling out one seed at a time! Last night we did a Halloween dinner with Sarah, Gary, adn Aiden and then Sarah and I took the boys trick our treating on our street. After that we split up because Aiden wanted to do more trick or treating and Ethan was done. We did go visit my parents and grandma though, where he was showered with attention and candy! Ethan was a great sport about wearing his costume, he even wore his hat this time! I think he really had fun, I even got him to say trick or treat, though he wouldn't say it at most houses (though he always said thank you when he got candy)! It makes me excited for all of the holidays, and getting to watch him enjoy them more and more as he grows up!