Monday, May 18, 2009

Here are a few random pictures of Ethan playing around at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden and with our cat Gob! Ethan loves animals of all kinds and luckily our cat Gob (pronounced Jobe) is really mellow and really likes kids. He lets Ethan pet him and hold him, he's actually more like a little dog! It's nice because Ethan gets really excited about it and will bring his toys out to share with Gob! Also, since I am done with school, I've had more time to take Ethan out to do some fun things! We've been to the park, the museum, walked down to the Three Little Monkeys, and we're headed up to Park City later today! Two weeks ago Ethan came to a doctors appointment with me and he was so good (though he does get a little nervous that they're going to hurt his momma) that we went to the treehouse museum right afterward as a reward! Normally the museum is kind of crowded, but on this day there was pretty much no one else there! It was so fun because Ethan just got to run aorund and play with everything without having to wait ten minutes for a turn. He always wants to ride on the big firetruck, but it's always so popular that it's usually covered with bigger kids. This day he got to play for a long time and her really enjoyed it! With the arrival of this next boy, it's so important to me to let Ethan know he is still so important to us, so days like this, where we get to have lots of one-on-one time are so important to me! I'm grateful I get to have this time to play with Ethan and prepare him for his little brother over the next couple of months (though I am starting to get incredibly uncomfortable, so I will be happy when this pregnancy is over!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Graduation 2009!!!

Yesterday, after a long two years of studying and writing what felt like a million papers, I officially graduated with a Masters of Science in American Studies! I wasn't even sure I was going to walk for graduation, but my dad wanted me to, so I did, and I am really glad I chose to! My family, PJ's parents and sister (and her boyfriend), and Zach Bosch all came and watched, which was very nice of all of them! It was nice to have a little cheering section for me when I walked up to be hooded and receive my diploma! When I first arrived at the field house to get in line with the other graduates, I saw Dr. Jeannie Thomas, who headed my thesis chair, and she walked up and gave me a hug and said congratulations! She has helped me so much throughout my graduate career and she is my hero, so it was cool to have her congratulate me! They had all the graduates walk through campus down to the Spectrum, which was kind of cool, but I wore the wrong shoes for it (I had a big old blister on my foot after it was finished). As we walked into the spectrum, all the teachers there with PHDs stood on either side of the hall and clapped for us; it was pretty cool, they really went out of there way to make sure it felt like a big day for us! The ceremony was long, and I was pretty sure I was going to pass out because my pregnancy and sitting so close to everybody was making me so hot, but it was fine. I got to sit by some friends of mine from grad school, so it made the less interesting parts of the ceremony go by quickly! After the ceremony, I went and posed for pictures with my family. Ethan ran and gave me the biggest hug, and kept on saying, "Good job Momma!" He was pretty excited about my hat, and wanted to wear it for a bit! My family took me out to eat at Maddox to celebrate, which was very kind of them! I really appreciated everyone who has supported me throughout everything, and to my family especially for driving all the way up to Logan to watch me graduate! It was a long, but fun day, and I cannot really believe that I now have a Masters Degree. Thanks again to everyone who has supported me, so that I could get this done!