Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009!

This year was Ethan's third Easter and it was the first one I think he really enjoyed (or at least he got into)! On Saturday our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt, and though Ethan was really grumpy when it started, he warmed right up to finding eggs and running round! That night we colored Easter eggs with Aiden, and Ethan loved that! We cracked a few eggs and Ethan knocked over one cup of dye, but he had a great time, and overall I think it could have gone much worse! Sunday morning we woke up to see what the Easter bunny had brought Ethan! He was very excited about his basket of stuff and we let him take a few of his things to church with us (like crayons and a couple of eggs). After church we ate brunch at Oakridge, where than got to meet the Easter bunny! Like with Santa, he was a little nervous at first, but warmed up to her after she gave him some candy. It's not very hard to win Ethan over! Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's house for another Easter egg hunt My mom always goes all out for this, and Ethan got very soiled with candy and toys! While we were out looking for stuff, Aiden said, "This day just keeps getting better and better!" It was pretty funny! After the hunt, Ethan played with his new toys, we took a nap, ate food, and finally went home. Ethan keeps saying "more Easter," so though I don't think he understands at all what Easter really is about (he will say "Thank you Jesus" when we talk about it, but I know he doesn't know what he's thanking him for, maybe he thinks Jesus gave him all of the candy?), it was fun to watch him enjoy the day so much! I hope everyone had as wonderful an Easter as we did!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Thesis Defense!

It has been awhile since I wrote a post and a few important things have happened in the meantime. First off, last Friday, I presented a miniature version of my thesis at the "Art of Gender in Everyday Life Conference" at Idaho State University. Since the conference was just in Pocatello, I drove up and back the same day I presented. This meant that I didn't get to go to as many panels as I would have liked, but it also saved us money on a hotel and I only had to find someone to watch Ethan for part of the day on Friday until PJ got home from work. The conference went well, the woman who planned the whole thing invited me back to next years, so I'm taking that as a good sign! The most important thing was that it got me prepared to defend my thesis the following Monday. I had turned in my final draft of my thesis to my committee two weeks earlier, as per the rules, and was just waiting to defend. It was driving me crazy and I was really freaking myself out over it. I had totally convinced myself that I would get to my defense and they would just tell me my paper was awful and I hadn't passed my defense. The Saturday and SUnday beforehand was General Conference, which was great, because listening to the prophet and apostles talk was very calming to me. It also helped put things into perspective that even if I didn't pass, things would still be okay. I was greatful for that to help me cope. Monday morning, I was still pretty nervous as I drove up to Logan, but I was also resigned to the fact that whatever was supposed to happen would. As it turns out, all my worrying was for nothing! My defense went amazing! When it started, my committe asked me to leave the room while they discussed my thesis (this is customary, but still really awful). Once they called me back in though, they just said they all loved my paper so I could relax and they just wanted to talk about how I came to write it. Once they said that, it was easy to sit and discuss everything! For those of you who don't know, I did my thesis on Disney Princesses and gender constructions. I owe a ton to Raschell Smith Peschke and Lara Steed Barenze because they both have worked as princesses for Disney and they let me interview them! My whole commitee loves the interviews and told me how unique they made my paper! It was something that was so kind of them to do and they for sure didn't have to, so I am eternally greatful to them! After my defense was over, I had to fill out a ton of paper work, but I don't really care because I was just so happy I passed! My dad was up at USU for Entreprenuer Week (he organized it and so came to oversee it), and he waited out on the QUAD for me to finish my defense, so he could see how I did! Having my dad there, acting all proud of me, was just the icing on the cake! It was so nice to have his support! Though I did work hard for this master's degree, there is no way I could have done it without help and support from my family! So thanks to everyone who has been there and helped me, and even just said an encouraging word to me about it! You are all awesome!