Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friend Christmas Part 2009!!!

For the first time in years all six of us best friends were together for our annual Christmas party! Julie was nice enough to host it at her house and she even made us dinner! It was so much fun moving around the Caribbean, it was lucky that we found a day everyone could make it! We exchanged presents, talked, semi-watched Clueless, and ate lots of good food! I wish that nights like these could happen more often! We started doing this party 13 years ago, when we were sophomores! I am so glad that all these years later I am blessed to still have these amazing women in my life! I have the best friends ever!

Me and Breck with our babies!

Bonnie and Tif

Bonnie and Jack in matching outfits!

Julie and Link!

All the girls who have babies too new to be left at home!

Niki, Tif, and Bonnie!


Tif had Julie!

Julie had Niki!

Niki had me!

I had Tif!

Breck and Bonnie had each other!

Merry Christmas girls, I hope we have many more years like this one!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jack's 1st Christmas, and Ethan's 1st one in which he realizes what's going on!

Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house! Santa stopped by to visit and give us our Christmas pjs!

Aiden and Santa!

Collin was pretty excited to see Santa!

Ethan was a little shyer this time and wouldn't sit on Santa's lap.

Grandma Anderson and Santa!

Jack on his first Christmas eve!

Ethan playing with toys at Grandmas. He was so excited for Christmas this year!

Raddy in his reindeer antlers and his new Christmas Snuggie (that's right, they make them for dogs)!

Christmas morning; Ethan on his new big boy bike!

Looking at all of his new toys! He and Jack must have been really good this year because Santa sure did spoil them!

Jack in his new entertainment center/bouncer! He loved it and probably would have stayed in it all day if he could have!

At Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's. I had the flu yesterday and so my family was nice enough to let us hang out there all day. They helped the boys have a fun Christmas, which I am so grateful for! Thanks to PJ and my family for taking over while I was sick in bed. I spent most of the day lying on the floor, watching my boys play and have fun, so at least I got to witness them having a good Christmas!

Jack sitting up like a big boy! He was so cute and happy all day!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! As you can see, we sure did! We are so blessed to have our boys and each other, and wonderful families and friends! We are grateful for this time of year, when we can remember our Savior! Yesterday I asked Ethan who's birthday is was and he replied, "Jesus." Then I asked him where Jesus was, and he said, "he's at the Temple." I thought this was pretty amazing because we've never told him that (actually we told Ethan Jesus was in Heaven in the sky, so he thought he was on the moon). I am so happy that he is beginning to understand the true meaning of Christmas underneath all the excitement and toys!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas time is Here!

It's our favorite time of year! We have a goal to go and do at least one Christmas themed thing every weekend! We went to the Festival of Trees on the 5th, the lights at Temple Square last Saturday, and Oakridge's Christmas Party yesterday! We have also been trying to make sure we do festive things throughout the week, just at home! Here is Ethan proudly standing in front of our Christmas tree!

Jack being so cute and happy at Oakridge's Christmas party!

Aiden and Ethan in their matching sweaters!

Our family with Santa! Ethan told him he want Hungry Hungry Hippos and Cars for Christmas!

At Temple Square! Ethan loved all the lights, especially the red ones! Whenever we saw them he would say, "Look, red lights for me!"

The boys looked so cute all cuddled up!

Ethan and his daddy decorating a ginger bread house!

Ethan was so proud of his house!

Yesterday, Ethan just couldn't resist it any longer and had to start eating his house, though I think he was a little bit disappointed with how it tasted!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


For Thanksgiving this year we went Kauai, Hawaii for a week with my family! It was such a fun, relaxing week hanging out on the beach, going on a helicopter ride, and going to a luau! Kauai is a beautiful, remote island and we had so much fun! It was hard coming home this morning and I think after you see the pictures you'll know why!

My dad arranged a helicopter tour of the island on our first day there! It was amazing, and Ethan especially thought it was so cool!

My family at dinner at a local restaurant!

My mom and dad!

PJ and Jack!

Jack wearing his lei!

In his Thanksgiving pajamas!

Our family at the luau!

My boys with their uncle Jacabo!

Ethan swimming in the pool!

Feeding bread to the chickens at our hotel. Everyday we would walk out onto our deck and see chickens, roosters, cats and a swan wandering around our hotel!

Ethan loved the beach! We spent a lot of time out playing in the waves and building sand castles!

Taking pictures of our family together around the hotel!

We found this amazing lighthouse on the north part of the island!

This was looking over a beautiful valley containing poi fields that we drove through! This island was incredibly beautiful. We spent a few hours on Friday just driving around and stopping and all of these amazing places! I'm so grateful to my parents for taking us here! We loved spending time with family in such an amazing place! It was a huge reminder of all that we have to be thankful for!