Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer 2010 Rocked!

With Memorial Day over, I finally am beginning to accept that summer really is ending. I love the summer, so I am a little sad (though I love the fall too, so I'm looking forward to that). We had an amazing summer though, so here are, in no particular order, a few of the activities our family was lucky enough to be involved in this summer!

We made our annual trip up to my grandparent's cabin in Wyoming, where we had a great time riding the gator and four wheelers!

We made multiple trips to the park! Both boys love slides and swinging! With school out, we got to bring along a lot of friends on park trips and one time they even buried Ethan in the sand (much to his delight)

Though it was very hot, we had a wonderful trip to the zoo at the beginning of August! Ethan's best friend Miles came too, along with his older sister Emma! We had such a great day, which capped off a whole week of doing animal themed activities (we also went and fed bread to the ducks at the park and walked the Lagoon trail, which has camels, buffalo, elk, and other various animals along the way)!

We have a membership to the Treehouse Museum, so we made a few trips. Here is Ethan and his friend Cole kicking down all of the giant chess pieces. Jack had a great time watching!

Thanks to Jeff Fox, a neighbor and the Chief Fireman in West Valley, we were able to go to the firehouse and play around on the firetruck! They even turned the hose on, so all of the kids could run around and play! Ethan got to climb on the truck and learn what all of the buttons did!

What summer is complete without swimming? Jack is our little water baby, and loved whenever we got the pool out! We would often have friends over to play around and the kiddie pool was the perfect way to keep the boys cool while playing outside!

Lastly, Ethan took swim lessons twice this summer. The first time he went he hated it and cried, but by the second day he loved it! He learned to blow bubbles, put his head under water, kick, and float on his back!

This was, of course, not everything we did this summer. PJ and I were both busy with Youth Conference, Girls Camp and High Adventure. We also were able to go see Lion King and Jack Johnson (both the week of my birthday). Ethan and Jack got to participate in a little neighborhood camp thing, where they had science, art, cooking, reading, swimming, park, and animal themed weeks! Hooray for summer 2010!