Friday, April 30, 2010

Please pray for baby Penn!

I don't even know where to start, so I guess I'll just lay it out there. I have been incredibly blessed to give birth to two healthy, full term baby boys, and I think, when this is your only experience, you take for granted how fortunate you are. My cousin Kortney, was not as lucky. She and her husband were expecting their first boy this August, but unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Kortney went into labor on Tuesday night. Doctors were unable to stop her labor, and at only 25 weeks along in the pregnancy, baby Penn was born. He weighed a little over a pound and had be life-flighted to Mckay Dee (he was born in Brigham City). Yesterday, it was discovered he had a massive brain hemorrhage, and could likely have brain damage. My heart has been just breaking for Kortney and her family. I keep wishing I could do something, because this feels like such a helpless situation. So I am putting this out there as something I can do and asking everyone to please pray for Penn and his family! I know any prayers, good thoughts or feelings can make the world of difference!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend!

Easter weekend 2010 started with us coloring Easter Eggs at Sarah and Gary's house! Ethan had a great time!

Ethan and Aiden getting ready to dye eggs!

Ethan holding up the red egg cause it was his favorite!

Jack was a little too small to color eggs, but had fun hanging out!

Ethan working really hard on his eggs!

Today we woke up and looked through our Easter baskets while watching Conference!


Me and the boys all wearing yellow for Easter!

Ian, Ethan, and Grandma

Aiden was really excited because he lost his first tooth that morning!


Meeting the Oakridge Easter Bunny!


Collin looking for treats!

Aiden climbing into some bushes to get an egg!

Uncle Jake helped Ethan fill up his basket!

Ethan was so excited to fund candy!

Jack wearing his Easter bib and making a funny face! He is so cute!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter as well! We love you all!