Friday, February 27, 2009

Ethan's 2nd Birthday!

I can't believe it, but my baby boy turned 2 on Wednesday the 25th! He has become such a fun little person, who talks an plays games! I am amazed with how smart he is and how much he understands! He has this incredible memory, like I bought a Lightening McQueen figure to go on his cake like a month ago, and when I bought it I told him it was going to to go on his birthday cake, and when we were on our way to pick up his cake he said, "cake, Lightening McQueen?" That just blows my mind! It was nice weather on his birthday, so we went and played outside. I was going to take him o the zoo, but he's had a bit of a cold, and I didn't want to keep him outside for too long, so we'll go when he gets better! We also went to lunch with his Grandma Margie, Aunt Sarah, and Aiden! Then we went to this great toy store called the Three Little Monkeys. They leave a lot of their toys ou, so kids can try them out before parents buy them. Ethan and Aiden played for a long time with all of the cool toys and Ethan got to pick one out! He picked this rocket launcher, that has a pump that you jump on to make the rocket shoot up. Every time he shot the rocket up and it would hit the ceiling he would say, "did you see that?!" After the toy store we went home and decorated (Ethan was, of course very excited about the balloons), and PJ got Ethan in the tub, which is Ethan's new favorite thing! We went and picked up his cake, and the ice cream, and PJ picked up pizza, o that we would be ready for his party! A lot of family and friends came and Ethan, of course, loved all of the attention he was given! He really is a people person, and likes to show off a bit when there's a crowd watching him! We ate pizza, with salad, and fruit (thanks to my awesome mom who brought the salads), and then watched Ethan open his mountain of presents! He was so cute about it, he didn't want any help, and if he thought I was going to he would tell me no. Then we had cake and ice cream, and Ethan loved when everybody sang to him! He blew out his candle all by himself, and was so excited when everybody cheered! He ate a little cake and ice cream, but maily wanted to play with hi new toys and his friend Justin who was there! So he spent most of the night running around, chasing balloons with him! After people left, he would bring me his toys and say "Open it?" so that he could get them out of the package! We let him open a few that night, but he was pretty worn out from the long day, so he went to bed pretty quick! I was so happy to see my little guy have a fun time, I think that's all you can ask for as a parent! I really appreciate everyone who was able to come and make it special for him! He's obviously a very loved kid! We have enjoyed every second with him, and I am so excited to continue to watch him grow over this next year!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day and Aiden's Birthday!

My nephew Aiden's birthday is February 15th, which was a Sunday, and since he decided he wanted to go bowling for his birthday party, Sarah decided to have it on Saturday, which just happened to be Valentine's Day! PJ had already taken me to get massages last Thursday to celebrate, so we were cool spending the day with Aiden. After all, Valentine's Day is about spending time with people that you love and we love Aiden very much! We went bowling at Davis Lanes and all the kids had a great time! Aiden was really into it, and would run up to his lane, stop completely, and then throw the ball! Ethan also had a good time. He would kick, push, and throw the ball down, which would then travel at about half a mile per hour and eventually make it down. He called the pins "buttons" and would get so excited when they fell down! We ate pizza and had cake and ice cream, while Aiden opened presents! It seemed like he had a great time, which is what's most important! I just can't believe he's six already! That night I made dinner, with chocolate cake for dessert (PJ's favorite), and we watched Ghost Town, which was a pretty cute show. Ethan had already sent out all of his Valentines (and had a fun time decorating me and himself with stickers in the process), so we just gave him a little gift and he got to have some cake! Valentine's Day has always been a holiday I like because I think it's always nice to have a little reminder to show people that you love them! I definitely love my husband, son, family, and friends, and this new little baby that's growing bigger everyday! I am fortunate to have so much love in my life!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ethan's New Big Boy Bed!

In about three weeks, my sweet little baby boy will be turning two! I can't believe how fast he is growing up, it seems like he was just barely a tiny little baby. Anyways, for his birthday and also because we're going to be needing his crib for the new baby soon, we got him a new big boy bed! We wanted to make it kind of fun for him, so (and I have to give my parents complete credit here because they found the bed) we got him a Lightning McQueen bed! For those of you who don't know, Ethan is obsessed with Cars and loves anything that has to do with it! We took him to the store to see the bed and he was so excited that we knew we had to get it! PJ put it together for him, while Ethan would hand him tools, and also pretend to put it together as well. Ethan would say, "Daddy fix bed, Lightning McQueen!" and then "I help fix!" He was so proud of himself for helping, it was so cute! Once we got the bed all set up, PJ went and bought him Cars sheets, and comforter. Ethan was so excited about them, that when we put them in the washing machine to be cleaned, he sat next to it and cried. It was so sad, but also kind of funny! He has loved sleeping in his new big boy bed, and tells everyone about it! I'm so glad that he thinks his new bed is so fun!