Monday, September 22, 2008

Bonnie and Adam's Wedding!

This last Friday, Bonnie Bailey and Adam Wood finally got married! It was the tenth anniversary of their first kiss, so this wedding is a long time coming! They had a BBQ on Thursday night for family and friends at Adam's parents house. It was really fun, we had good food, Joe did a fire show, Paul Timothy played the guitar, someone read a poem about Bonnie and Adam, and we got to hear speeches from them and their parents. It was fun seeing everyone from high school, in fact the whole wedding was like one big Davis High reunion! We went to the temple on Friday to watch them get sealed to each other, which was an amazing experience! No one ever thought that day would come, and seeing how happy they both were during the sealing was so great! After we did the temple pictures, PJ and I went out to lunch with Niki McDowell and Paul Timothy. It was really great, because I never get to see Niki, and she was only here for a couple of days, so I was so happy to get to hang out with her all day! Her daughter McKynlee is beautiful, just like her mom! The reception that night was really fun! They had cold stone creamery cater it, which was pretty cool! Jared Shaw, Charlie Hammond, Bryce Stevenson, and Landon Potter presided over a small little, very informal ceremony where they exchanged their vows! There was more music, and a lot of catching up with people! My parents brought Ethan by, which was great of them because I missed him all day (though he slept through most of the reception)! We had a little Farmington Junior High reunion, and took a picture of our group of friends from back then together (the only person who was missing was Julie)! It really was such a fun wedding, and I am so happy for Bonnie and Adam! They are so cute together and we all have been waiting for them to tie the not! It's great to see that they both got to a point where they were ready to do so! I know they'll be very happy together!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Zoo!

Last Monday my mom, Sarah, Aiden, Ethan, and I all went to Hogle Zoo for the day! We already went once this summer, on the Mommy and me day, but this time the carousel was finished and it was a lot less crowded. The boys had a lot of fun seeing all the different animals! Ethan is a big fan of animals, so he thought it was pretty great. He especially liked the leopard because it came right up to the glass and was like a foot away from him. He also really liked the bears and was upset when we moved on to other animals. Of course the favorite was the carousel! We rode it twice and both boys wanted to keep on going! I was nervous Ethan wouldn't like it, but he just laughed through it and waved at his aunt Sarah whenever we pased her! We ran into Britney Redd with her kids, mom, and sister-in-law there, so that was fun! The little boys got matching shirts from their grandma (who also paid for them to go to the zoo and bought them treats throughout)! They were both so exhausted when we left that they fell asleep on the drive home. It was such a fun day for everyone! I love seeing how curious Ethan is about everything and watching him discover new things. Aiden was excited about having Ethan there and wanted to make sure he saw everything too! He's such a good cousin! It's so fun having them live next door, so we can have the boys play together all the time!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bonnie's Bachelorette Party!!!

Last weekend Breck, Bonnie, Britney, and I went to Park City for a girls weekend before Bonnie gets married! We were planning on going to Vegas for the weekend, but unfortunately Bonnie's grandpa passed away and his funeral was that Saturday. So we through together the Park City trip really fast, but we still had a great time! We went to the Flying Sumo on Main Street for dinner. It was the first time I'de ever tried sushi and though I was nervous, I actually liked it! Nothing like your friends to get you to try new things! We stayed at the restaurant talking until after it had closed. Britney had Lola with her, and I picked Ethan up after dinner, so no clubbing for us. Instead, we went to The Lodges at Deer Valley, where my very generous grandma had got a place for us to stay that night! The place was amazing, it had three bathrooms, two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room! We stayed up late talking, as Bonnie gave us the whole history of her and Adam's relationship! The next morning we went to brunch at a restaurant on Main Street. They had these amazing white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies, so Bonnie and Britney took a bunch and his them in their purse! After breakfast we headed home, but it was such a fun night with the girls! It's been so great because we have had a chance to hang out a lot more lately! I only wish Niki was around, so she could come too! We all really miss her and are so excited for her to come out for the wedding! Then the group will feel complete, just like the old days! It's amazing that after eight years, marraiges, kids, a divorce, moving away, etc we're still there for each other! I have awesome friends!