Friday, June 27, 2008

Ethan loves being outside, infact the kid would never come inside if we didn't make him! He got a really cool sand and water table from my parents for his birthday, and he loves to play in it, but he always gets soaked! So a couple of days ago, I decided to get in our swimsuits and have fun just playing in the water outside! I made sure the table was full, but we also put water on his slide, so that he could get all wet when he went down it! I should him how to use the sprayer on the hose (which I may really regret later) and he had fun spraying things (me included)! It has been getting so hot here that it was really fun to be outside and not be dying of heat! And Ethan is such a fun kid, he loves to be busy and explore new things, that he had a great time! We, of course, had to stop playing and watch every plane that flew overhead, Ethan has a new fascination with airplanes! He also loves to push around his stroller, so I had to put a picture of that in!
The other good news is that Ethan is really starting to talk now! Before he would say ball, woof, and he would say mom and dad, but not to us. Now he says mom when he wants me (or dad when he wants PJ), he also says, baby, binky, please, Raddy (that's my parent's dog's name), kitty, yes, wee, and he still is signing a bit! We, of course, feel that he is a genius!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ethan and Aiden and Father's Day!

I just had to put this picture in of Ethan and Aiden liking batter off of the mixers! Sarah, Gary and Aiden came to visit for a week (unfortunately, I was in class for most of it). They are moving back to Utah and were looking at houses! The next picture is Ethan and his daddy riding a four wheeler. Ethan loves four wheelers and whenever we go over to my parents he wants to ride. He will even press the accelarator himself! Lastly, we have Father's Day! Ethan gave his daddy a book and matching shirts and I gave him the The Lord of the Rings extended version. We went to church, and then to my parents for a barbeque. It was a fun day! That night, I had to go up to Logan for my last workshop, so we couldn't Father's Day was cut a little short (I actually made a turkey dinner for PJ the night before to make up for it). It was a nice, relaxing day and I PJ, my dad, Tom, and Linden know how much we love and appreciate all that they do for us!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Collin's Graduation!

My little brother Collin graduated from Viewmont High School a couple of weeks ago! I can't believe he's old enough to be graduating! He's actually nineteen now and way taller than me! It seemed like he would always be a little boy, it's crazy that he's already so old! Time goes by too fast! He was cute at his graduation, though I don't think he really had any idea what was going on! My parents had him put on his cap and gown at their house for pictures beforehand and Collin apparently thought that was it and was kind of upset that he had to do more! He loved the watch he got from Grandma Anderson and kept on saying "Wow, cool" about it! His graduation was at 7:30 at night, so we went to dinner the next night at Lonestar to celebrate. I don't think Collin understood that the dinner had anything to do with graduation, but he seemed to have fun anyways! For anyone who has met Collin, you know how awesome he is, so it was fun to have an event where we could celebrate his achievements (he graduated with high honors, and my parents have had numerous colleges sending letters and even calling to try to recruit him to come)!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lee and Samantha's Wedding!

A couple of weeks ago, one of PJ's best friends, Lee Olsen, got married. Lee and Samantha got married in the Salt Lake Temple and had a dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. They didn't do a reception because Lee wanted to keep the wedding on the smaller side. Sam looked beautiful and they both seemed really happy! PJ was the best man and had to give a toast at the dinner. Though he was really nervous, he did an excellent job (and looked very handsome in his tux)! It was fun for Ethan because he had my mom, PJ's parents, and PJ's friends to lavish attention on him! It was nice for PJ and I to go to the temple and have a nice dinner, while others played with Ethan! We're very happy for Lee and Sam and excited to have a couple to hang out with (they're going to live in Bountiful)!