Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Cabin!

After two and a half years we finally made it back up to my grandparents cabin in Etna Wyoming (right outside of Star Valley)! Sarah and Gary planned out this trip months ago, and we're so glad they did! Most of my family went up on Friday the fifteenth, but we couldn't because we had a wedding on the sixteenth and Jack Johnson tickets on the eighteenth. So Monday, after the concert (which was so amazing, by the way) we headed up. We arrived at about 5:00 am on Tuesday morning. It was a long night, but Ethan slept through most of the drive, which is what we were hoping for (he hates being in the car for very long). We could only stay for a couple of days, but it was so fun! We did the usual four wheeling, and Ethan loved riding on them! We also did a bonfire and Joe Bailey juggled fire for us! Ethan also loved riding the big wheels on the deck. There were five of them and a miniture car, and he would just go back and forth between them all! Seeing how much fun he had made the drive totally worth it! We also had fun watching the Olympics, especially the fast walk racing, which was hilarious! We had to leave Thursday for another wedding, but we were happy that we got to go at all! We hope to get up there again soon!