Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up!

It's been awhile since I have posted, so I thought I'd put a few pictures up from the holidays! These are my boys all bundled up ready to go look at the Christmas lights at Temple Square!

Our family in front of the Temple!

Kevin and Michelle!

My parents, Ian, and Ethan at the annual Oakridge Christmas party!

With my cousin Lara, she lives in California, so it's always fun when I get a chance to see her!

All four boys matched, but this was the best picture we could get of them together, mostly due to Jack's unwillingness to stay still!

Seeing Santa for the first time this holiday season!

PJ's family came down from Idaho to visit!

Christmas Eve at my parents! This was the second for Jack, and third for Ethan visit from Santa (Ethan's school had Santa come)!

Collin was excited about Santa too!

The boys opening presents on Christmas morning! Jack slept through half of it, but had fun once he finally woke up!

For New Years Eve we went up to Park City with some of PJ's friends! We had a blast and are looking forward to a great 2011!

Taking some toys to donate to Primary Children's Hospital to donate! I know Ethan looks grumpy about it, but he was just mad about getting his picture taken. He was actually very excited and has already made a new pile of toys to take up there. Hopefully, these boys have at least gotten an understanding of the joy of giving and service during the Christmas season, in spite of how spoiled they got on Christmas morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season as well!


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